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The Latest IT Innovations from the Dell EMC Forum

Presidio was a platinum sponsor of the Dell EMC Forum at the Convention Centre Dublin, last Tuesday 5th of September.

The event that was launched had a great turnout from Ireland’s leading IT professionals, who connected with their peers, discovered strategies and gained insights to drive not only IT innovation, but also enhance workforce mobility and reduce risk in the digital era.

The key message that Dell EMC brought to attendees, was digital transformation. Technology innovation is advancing at an exponential rate, powering a new era of digital transformation. Today, businesses try to stay relevant in the digital age and attract and retain top talent, while being smart in using the latest in technologies.

Catherine Doyle, Enterprise Director, Dell EMC Ireland, commented at the forum: “As the Dell EMC Forum in Dublin demonstrated this week, our team members in Dublin, Cork and Limerick are at the forefront of innovation within Dell Technologies, developing new technologies that will usher in our digital future.”

Last year, Dell and EMC joined forces, in the largest merger in corporate history. The two technology giants became one just three years after Dell itself already transformed from a publicly traded company to being privately owned.

Aisling Keegan, Commercial Vice-President and General Manager, Dell EMC Ireland commented on the merger; “by bringing together Dell and EMC as one in Ireland, we’ve been able to help our customers throughout every stage of their digital transformation journey. The merger has proven to be the right combination, at the right time.”

Presidio, Ireland's only Dell EMC Titanium Partner tested attendees’ reaction skills with our digital transformation speed test and a lucky winner won a €100 voucher for the fastest time on the day of the event.