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Byrne Wallace

“We needed to consolidate our IT partnerships. Having multiple IT vendors no longer worked for our business.”

John Kelly, Head of IT, Byrne Wallace

The Challenge

Consolidate top notch IT infrastructure that will help attract and retain a millennials workforce and provide ongoing and proactive support.

Services provided

  • All Cisco & networking services
  • Proactive support & advice on renewals
  • Responsive account management
  • Enterprise infrastructure support
  • Facilitate connectivity requirements

Byrne & Wallace has been working with Presidio for the past 3 years

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“We’ll soon be piloting desktop virtualisation, to break that dependency on hardware and let staff work remotely from any device, rather than requiring a dedicated, hardened laptop.”

John Kelly, Head of IT

ByrneWallace, one of Ireland’s best-known full-service law firms, has always looked ahead to how technology can provide a strategic advantage. But as IT becomes more mission critical, and a growing competitive differentiator, the law firm decided to consolidate IT vendors for better service and efficiency. Continuing a multi-year trend of double-digit growth, ByrneWallace today has more than 320 staff in its Dublin offices. But with a slim in-house IT team, continuing to support the growing organisation with effective and above all secure IT services is an increasing challenge.

The solution

The solution was simple, to consolidate their IT partnership with a vendor who also holds the ISO 27001 certification. ByrneWallace was the first Irish law firm certified to this standard, recognising early on the increasing digital aspect of client information management and the business assurance that certification would provide.

Presidio holds the demanding ISO 27001 and was already ByrneWallace’s trusted Cisco Gold partner, providing a full unified communications infrastructure to the law firm, as well as facilitating its recent connectivity upgrade to 10Gbps. Presidio would also take on additional enterprise infrastructure responsibilities, including compute and engineering support.

Attract & Retain Millennials

The business drivers for ByrneWallace to keep its technology top-notch are several, including the continued competitive pressure on Ireland’s talent pool. A robust, fit-for-purpose enterprise infrastructure that can support the most innovative technology to enable a mobile workforce is vital. Especially when you need to  attract and retain millennials, who make up the bulk of the incoming talent at ByrneWallace.

“I do get that comfort level when I speak with Presidio: my account manager meets with me regularly, lets me know about renewals and end-of-life devices, but also just chats to me about technology trends that are coming down the line, and additional capabilities Presidio can provide in the enterprise infrastructure space. That’s really important for us, being kept abreast of trends and given access to specialists with skills that we don’t have in house. We get a sense of being in safe hands with Presidio, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for.”
John Kelly, Head of IT, Byrne Wallace

The Presidio difference

  • Peace of mind and security assurance for highly sensitive multinational clients, including GDPR-compliant data protection
  • ISO 27001 and Cisco Gold Certified partner delivers business assurance
  • Advice and support on technologies to attract and retain a millennial workforce
  • Better risk management and network performance from timely upgrades


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