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Continent 8 Technologies

“There’s a big difference in our systems and support now compared to before we began working with Presidio.”

Keith Stafford, Head of Cloud & Hosted Services, Continent 8 Technologies

The Challenge

Unify Continent 8 Technology’s internal and external communications infrastructure and provide ongoing support.

Services provided

  • All Cisco unified communications infrastructure
  • Proactive advice on renewals 
  • 2nd and 3rd line support
  • Jabber, WebEx and Expressway
  • Central point of support

Contintent 8 Technologies have been working with Presidio for the past 4 years

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“It’s made such a difference to us to have that second and third-line support from Presidio, which we never had historically.”

Keith Stafford, Head of Cloud & Hosted Services

The rapid growth of online gaming puts this already technology-centered industry under twin pressures. It needs to continue maintaining the highest levels of security and availability for the 24-hour hosted services that its clients’ online businesses depend on, and it needs to do so while also simultaneously expanding into new jurisdictions.

But the unified communications systems that underpin all staff and customer communications at Continent 8 weren’t always providing the support they should.

The solution

Presidio engineers assessed the environment, planned for the switchover and upgraded Continent 8’s infrastructure to a high-performance unified communications platform. Today, an ongoing support agreement means Continent 8 can continue to look to Presidio for second and third-line support for issues that arise, hardware upgrades and replacements.

Presidio engineers also support integrated applications like Jabber, WebEx and Expressway, facilities that Continent 8 relies on to allow its technical team to work remotely from any location. The partnership and the solidity it offers for Continent 8’s internal and external communications infrastructure is important as the company continues its growth track.

As online gaming becomes a permitted, regulated industry in a growing number of territories, Continent 8 is eyeing further expansion in North America and in Asia-Pacific, as well as expanding its technology offerings. It recently announced new services to let its customers scale and secure their operations, including a new Cloud Web Application Firewall (Cloud WAF) service, which will let online gaming businesses provide added protection to their applications. Security remains a critical element of Continent 8’s business: its operations are ISO 27001 certified – many of its customers wouldn’t choose to work with Continent 8 if it didn’t – and Presidio's own ISO 27001 certification keeps that chain of reassurance unbroken for Continent 8’s own customers.

There’s a big difference in our systems and support now compared to before we began working with Presidio. Our voice and telephony services are a key component in providing 24×7 support to our customers and end users, and these are now maintained and supported to the highest standard.
Keith Stafford, Head of Cloud & Hosted Services, Continent 8 Technologies

The Presidio difference

  • ISO 27001 and Cisco Gold Certified partner delivers business assurance
  • 24-hour access to expert support for mission critical phone systems
  • Lowered business risk by moving to high-performance infrastructure
  • Facilitates remote working for staff


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