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Croke Park

Croke Park brings IT into sustainability project



Croke Park has been at the heart of Irish sporting life for more than 100 years.


With a capacity for 82,300 people, the stadium is the home of Gaelic games and the headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).



Services provided

  • Efficient management of applications from a single point of control
  • Annual power savings of 59,568 kWh plus the annual environmental impact results in savings in carbon emissions of 31.61 kg which is equivalent to 13 cars off the road and 42 newly planted broadleaf trees
  • A readily available, fully redundant platform to run core administration, match day and building management systems while offering automatic failover, business continuity and disaster recovery


The Challenge

In order to maintain and improve event sustainability management systems, the organisation sought to identify areas where they could cut energy costs and improve efficiency.

The GAA and Croke Park’s core IT infrastructure was an area identified. Servers had been procured over time to support specific tasks and projects, resulting in many different operating systems and hardware builds.

Updates were therefore a complex and time consuming process, whilst additional hardware would often have to be commissioned to support new applications.

The Solution

Presidio undertook an audit of the core server technology infrastructure and recommended a centralised server to be more stable and energy efficient.

Presidio together with Croke Park IT professionals, put in place a strategy to design a private cloud solution which would embrace current requirements and future growth within an agreed budget.

The Outcome

The move to a virtualised environment resulted in less complex management along with impressive power consumption and air conditioning savings.

The consolidation of applications from physical to virtual servers means there is now a single point of control.

The new private cloud infrastructure has a power consumption of 10,512 kWh compared to the previous physical infrastructure which consumed approximately 70,080 kWh.

Real-time monitoring allows Croke Park to track where and how electricity is consumed and can offer opportunities to better manage a server’s power draw. The complete solution is underpinned by a 24/7/365 Presidio Managed Service contract.


"The virtualised cloud based solution that Presidio implemented gives Croke Park the stability and performance boost we need to meet our sustainability initiatives and reduce costs."
Declan Fanning, IT Manager

The Presidio difference

  • 24/7/365 access to expert support with Presidio Managed Services contract
  • Lowered power consumption by nearly 60,000 kWh from 70,080 kWh down to 10,512 kWh
  • Consolidation of all applications to virutal servers resulted in a single point of contact


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