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The Bar of Ireland

“We see Presidio as more than a supplier, they are a key strategic partner”

John Kane, IT Director, The Bar of Ireland


The Bar of Ireland is the representative body for barristers in Ireland.

A key part of its remit is delivering secure, reliable IT services to its 2,200 members.

Working with its strategic partner Presidio has helped it meet this critical objective.

Services provided

  • 24/7 managed cloud environment and on-premises infrastructure
  • Cloud scale-out repository
  • 24/7 managed network services
  • 24/7 managed cybersecurity services
  • Long-term partnership for strategic IT projects
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“Moving to the cloud brings a level of convenience and flexibility we'd been looking for.”

John Kane, IT Director

With 75 employees and 2,200 members across Ireland, as well as five key sites in Dublin and Cork, the Bar responds to the needs of its members and the work they undertake, from any location.

As part of a wider digital transformation journey, the Bar of Ireland made the decision to migrate its data backup to a secure, encrypted cloud environment. Reducing backup costs while guaranteeing the security of its large volume of data were key incentives of the organisation's move to the cloud. To fully realise the benefits of a cloud migration the Bar knew it needed to find a trustworthy, responsive and knowledgeable IT partner that had a vision for growth.

The Solution

The Bar of Ireland explored the market to find a partner that could help it manage and resolve cloud cost control issues, which in turn would enable it to maximise the potential of its cloud migration. Following a competitive tender, the organisation chose to work with Presidio.

"The Presidio team are very technically competent. They assessed issues we were having and came up with a number of solutions to rectify the situation. Some were not easy to resolve, but they did the job and we immediately started seeing the benefits with our monthly backup costs decreasing very significantly. In addition, the new solution gives us added flexibility and scalability." says John Kane, IT Director at the Bar of Ireland.


The Outcome

With its cloud strategy now implemented and proven,  the organisation could fully realise the benefits of its digital transformation, explains John. "Moving to the cloud brings a level of convenience and flexibility we'd been looking for. By eliminating physical backups we have been able to increase the efficiency of our backup process while at the same time we can be confident in the security and jurisdiction of our data. Now that our cloud environment – both in the cloud and on-premises - is being proactively managed by Presidio our team are free to focus on embracing innovation and adding value to the organisation."

The Bar of Ireland will migrate other services to cloud environments over time, and Presidio will play an important role in the organisation's future cloud journey. 

We see Presidio as more than a supplier, they are a key strategic partner. When it comes to our strategic use of the cloud, the team at Presidio take the time to understand what we want to achieve and they work closely with us to develop a plan to get us there. "
John Kane, IT Director, The Bar of Ireland 

The Benefits

  • Cloud scale-out respository solution ensures control over backup costs
  • Managed cloud solution delivers increased scalability and facilitates innovation
  • Proactive management of cloud, on-premises infrastructure and network leads to pre-emptive problem solving
  • Responsive support from Presidio gives added reassurance


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