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Enhance Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with Apple in the Enterprise

When you give people the power to work the way they want, with the tools they love, they are inspired to do the best work of their lives.

Employees prefer to choose their own devices as it enables them to be more productive, creative, and collaborative. Now it’s easier than ever to bring Apple technology into your office.

As an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, Presidio makes it simple and cost-effective for IT to procure, deploy, and support Apple devices. Traditionally companies welcomed a new staff member, provided a computer and a mobile phone, and expected excellent productivity from day one.

If the technology included tools the employee hadn't used before, well, like easing in a new pair of shoes, it was the staff member who had to bear the discomfort: there was no chance of being allowed to choose the technologies they already understood. It was one-size-fits-all, usually because a strategic decision had been made to standardise on a certain technology for reasons of efficiency and ease of management.

But a new strategic pressure has come to bear: what if staff simply don't want to use the technology you're providing?

That's a very real situation for many multinationals in particular, who employ some of the most sought-after staff on the planet and recognise that employee choice is more important than across-the-board standardisation. Companies are now recognising that it benefits the entire organisation, and its business goals, if it says an enthusiastic “yes” to employees who want to use their devices of choice.

The Silver Lining of Employee Choice

Presidio, Ireland’s only Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, is now expanding its service offering to work hands-on with organisations who want to improve how they manage Apple devices, and potentially expand the usage of Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch technology right across the workplace.

"These new services succeed in complimenting the capabilities that IT teams already have in managing Windows environments and brings them to all the Apple devices in the organisation." says Alan Lanigan, Apple Business Manager for Presidio.

For enterprises who do offer employee choice, the numbers are encouraging. Research from Jamf has shown that more than half of companies now offer an employee technology choice program, and 68% of enterprise workers said that having a choice in the work devices they use makes them more productive.

From the devices in your hand to high-level technical support

Presidio’s expanded services portfolio means it now offers Apple device procurement and logistics (Apple Business Manager, incorporating the Device Enrolment Program and Volume Purchase Program); an integration service, where Presidio gives a detailed plan on how to rollout and professionally manage macOS, iPadOS and iOS devices on the enterprise estate; and a complete Presidio managed service, where Presidio takes ownership of all end-users and devices and provides a 24/7 service desk, including application integration and end-user support.

"We’ve got options for all scenarios, whether an organisation wants us to just provide devices, receive support with enhancing the integration of their existing devices into their environment or even if they want Presidio to manage their entire Apple environment for them." said Lanigan. "Organisations that already have a large estate of Apple devices will benefit from these services, as will organisations who are welcoming an employee choice model for the first time and prioritising a consumer-like end user experience." 

From the enthusiastic response Presidio has already seen in the market to the new services suite, it’s clear that many enterprises would like to make Mac a more mainstream technology within their environment.

"Enterprise tools now exist to excel with Apple technology at work, at home and in the field. Employees are more engaged and productive, the burden on IT is reduced and there’s a significant return on investment for the business. It’s an exciting time for Apple in the enterprise and Presidio is delighted to support it." Alan Lanigan.

With the most effective tools for business, everyone can seize the workday like never before.