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How healthy is your database?

Your databases store your company’s precious data. Misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities can put your data at risk, not to mention your whole organisation if it were compromised.

Is your database secure?

The bigger your company, the more likely there is a legal if not moral requirement to carry out regular security audits. However, no matter what size your business is, it is recommended to conduct regular external assessments to help you identify potential issues or gaps in your data security.

Is your database performing well?

Hundreds of work hours are lost each year from poorly performing software. Improving your database performance can potentially increase the productivity of your organisation. Perhaps your staff complain that applications are slow, or they are having difficulty running reports. Your database could be the cause. If it is sized incorrectly, has expensive queries running frequently during business hours, or has configurations incorrectly set, your database performance can be comprised.

Database Health Checks

Presidio’s Database Health Check runs full, in-depth analysis on your database by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria, and comprises:

  • Installation and configuration best practices
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Security

At the end of our analysis, a RAG (Red/Amber/Green) report is provided with issues categorised into three areas:

Red: Urgent significant issues that require corrective action to meet business objectives.

Amber: Less urgent problems with a negative effect, however not deemed critical. Action should be taken to resolve or monitor.

Green: No action required. Area performing to plan.

You may be able to fix some problems yourself. It may be that some listed as red are less important to your business. Addressing the red and amber action items will assist in alleviating performance issues, and most importantly, the risk of security breaches.

The Presidio team works with both Oracle and Microsoft SQL where our mantra is ‘Go to Green’. We work with businesses to take them on that journey.
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