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Managing Apple devices in a Modern Workplace

Simplifying the management of Apple devices in today's dynamic workplace can be challenging, especially with a large fleet. Apple equips you with powerful tools like Apple Business Manager (ABM) to streamline the process. When paired with JAMF, the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, Apple device management becomes even more effective. Join us as we showcase and discuss how this powerful duo can keep your organisation ahead of the curve. Let's unlock new possibilities together.


Apple Business Manager is a powerful web-based platform that enables organisations to easily manage their Apple devices and applications. It allows organisations to centrally manage their iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices, and purchase and distribute apps & books.

Empower your workforce with Apple Business Manager—an all-encompassing solution that grants employees access to corporate resources, apps, and content through secure Apple IDs. Seamlessly manage device enrolment, administration, app distribution, book distribution, and content filtering, ensuring optimal productivity and control. Elevate your business with the power of Apple Business Manager. 

JAMF is a comprehensive solution that provides enterprises with a set of tools for managing and safeguarding Apple devices. Elevate your IT operations and fortify security with JAMF—a solution renowned for its seamless interface, automation prowess, and adaptable deployment options. Regardless of your business's scale, effortlessly set up, deploy, and safeguard Apple devices, from iPhones and iPads to Macs and Apple TVs, with the power of JAMF.

IT administrators may also monitor devices, enforce security regulations, and distribute apps and information to their users using JAMF's user-friendly web-based interface. In addition, it enables businesses to automate operations like software upgrades, device setups, and compliance reporting, which saves time and decreases the chance of errors.

How ABM & JAMF Interconnects

Experience the seamless integration of Apple Business Manager with JAMF, enabling automated device enrolment and streamlined management. Simplify your Apple environment effortlessly, while maintaining control by restricting access to specific apps and functions. Unleash the power of connectivity with JAMF and Apple Business Manager.

This enables enterprises to manage their Apple ecosystem efficiently, ensuring that devices are configured with the appropriate apps and settings. In addition, JAMF has additional software capabilities such as cloud identification, Zero-Trust network access, and also Anti-Virus to empower and secure end-users in any business environment.

Zero Touch Enrolment 

Maintaining a fleet of Apple devices may be challenging, particularly when deploying new devices or software updates. Here is where JAMF's Zero Touch Enrolment shines. Zero Touch Enrolment is an automated technique that enables IT teams to install Apple devices without manual involvement and promptly. 

With JAMF, you can pre-configure devices with the required settings and applications before the device even leaves the factory, ensuring that end-users have a flawless experience. Zero Touch Enrolment reduces the need for IT personnel to manually configure each device, hence saving time and minimising the likelihood of human mistakes. The pre-stage deployment procedure consists of three primary steps:


  • Enrolment: Seamlessly enrol devices with JAMF through Apple Business Manager, empowering IT Administrators to create personalised pre-enrolment packages for effortless deployment.
  • Configuration: Policies enable IT personnel to adjust device settings, apps, and limits to fit the organisation's needs within the devices.
  • Management: Once profiles have been configured, IT personnel may manage from the JAMF portal to distribute updates and new applications as necessary. 

Perks of Zero-Touch Deployment


- Enhanced Security: Unlock the power of JAMF's zero-touch Enrolment solution, ensuring every device is fortified with tailored security settings and limits aligned with your business's unique needs. Safeguard all managed devices, minimising the risk of security breaches with eases. 

- Consistency: Organisations can guarantee that end-users have a uniform experience across all devices by equipping devices with the relevant software and settings. 

- Cost Savings: Zero-touch deployment lowers the requirement for IT personnel to manually configure each device, resulting in cost savings for any organisation. 

Inventory Management

Management of inventory is a crucial part of any IT architecture. It entails monitoring, tracking, and maintaining hardware and software assets, which may be a difficult endeavour for large enterprises.

Elevate your IT capabilities with JAMF's inventory management, delivering real-time insights into hardware and software assets. Track device whereabouts, user activity, and utilisation, empowering informed decisions on distribution, maintenance, upgrades, security, and compliance. JAMF's reporting features provide customisable reports, shedding light on device usage, application deployment success, and vital performance metrics. Harness these insights to optimise infrastructure, enhance productivity, and potentially reduce costs. Seamlessly integrate JAMF into your Apple ecosystem for unparalleled IT management prowess.

App Management

As a market-leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, JAMF delivers advanced app management capabilities that allow IT departments to effectively manage the software lifecycle, from app distribution to removal. 

Unlock the power of app management in JAMF, where seamless app distribution takes centre stage. Administrators can effortlessly upload and deploy programs to managed devices, granting users instant access to the tools they need for daily productivity. JAMF offers diverse distribution mechanisms, including the App Store, Volume Purchase Program (VPP), and Custom Applications, tailored to your organisation's unique requirements. Experience the Apple-inspired efficiency of app management with JAMF. 

JAMF's app management enables IT teams to automatically distribute app updates as soon as they become available, ensuring that users have access to the most recent features, bug fixes, and security patches. Administrators can also remotely remove apps from managed devices, either manually or through JAMF's automatic rules & policies, thereby reducing the likelihood that unauthorised or obsolete programs would compromise the device's security or stability.

App Management

Amidst the digital landscape, where cybersecurity and privacy loom large, businesses and organisations embrace a heightened awareness of data security and client-employee confidentiality. In this realm, Apple empowers a new era of trust and protection.

Security & Privacy are crucial components of JAMF because they enable enterprises to safeguard their data, equipment, and clients from cyber threats. Cyberattacks can lead to data breaches, monetary loss, reputational harm, and legal repercussions. In addition to causing a loss of business, security breaches can result in a loss of client confidence. To secure the organisation and its customers, it is necessary to develop stringent security measures and privacy rules. 

Using JAMF, the platform provides essential security and privacy capabilities, including Authentication & Cloud Identification via JAMF Connect and Anti-Virus and Malware Prevention via JAMF Protect.

Embrace the seamless realm of JAMF Connect—an identity and access management solution delivering a secure and effortless single sign-on (SSO) experience. Safely access apps, data, and resources with ease while JAMF Connect streamlines authentication. Empower end-users with simplified device sign-ins while fortifying organisations with comprehensive security measures, safeguarding vital data in the Apple ecosystem.

JAMF Protect is a complete security solution that offers superior protection against a variety of attacks, such as malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. Using Apple's native security features, the solution provides comprehensive protection against emerging threats.

User Empowerment

JAMF offers end-users a seamless and hassle-free experience. It enables them to enrol their devices, install applications, and access corporate resources without assistance from IT. With JAMF Self-Service, customers have access to a catalogue of approved apps and tools, making it simple for them to locate and install any required software. JAMF also provides end-users with automatic updates and security patches, ensuring that their devices are always protected against vulnerabilities and up-to-date.

Empower IT Administrators to seamlessly deploy, monitor, and secure their entire fleet using JAMF. Automate device provisioning and configuration, saving valuable time and resources. Swiftly address issues, remotely delete compromised devices, and protect critical data. JAMF seamlessly integrates with IT platforms like ServiceNow and Okta, streamlining device management within existing processes. Experience the Apple-inspired simplicity of JAMF, liberating IT Administrators to focus on essential tasks.

Day Zero Support

JAMF's Day Zero Support is a crucial feature & support that JAMF assures organisations can adopt any new Apple device software & operating system updates quickly and without disruption. It enables enterprises to remain on the cutting edge of technology advancement without having to worry about compatibility issues or downtime.

Embody the paramount significance of this service for organisations embracing Apple products. Seamlessly adopt new technologies, including operating systems, without compatibility concerns. Stay at the forefront of the fast-paced business landscape where innovation thrives. 

If you are interested in learning more about how ABM and JAMF can help your organisation stay ahead of the curve, contact Presidio today! Even better, We would love to invite you down for a JAMF demo viewing over at your office. 

Empower your workforce with Apple. 

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