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Unlock opportunity with a new security approach

Today’s expanding digital ecosystems make it harder than ever for IT and security professionals to ensure apps, data and networks are constantly protected. The number of employees working outside the traditional office walls is continuously growing. And they need tools and connectivity to do their jobs effectively.

A secure digital workspace can help protect your entire digital ecosystem. It is people centric and offers:
> Simplified control
> 360-degree visibility
> Intelligent analytics

IT complexity

Business-critical apps and data are now spread across a variety of clouds and data centres. This has improved flexibility but it does increase security risks and complexity. According to a recent Citrix survey, 83% of respondents said organisational or IT complexity puts them at greater risk for security breaches.

A secure digital workspace is an integrated way to deliver and manage the apps, desktops, data and devices your employees need to be productive. It can fully aggregate all apps and data, both on premises and cloud, to deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time.

Additionally, it is protected by a security framework that gives IT, security and networking teams simplified control and proven security across today’s hybrid, multi-cloud and SaaS environments.

Protection against cyber attacks and business continuity

Digital workspaces ensure you are protected against attacks that aim to disrupt business operations. Apps and services are available to users at all times through always-on connectivity – even during server or network outages.

Secure digital workspace

The average employee uses 36 cloud services at work. With a secure digital workspace, everything is unified in your environment – apps, desktops, data, networking and devices – to help better protect your organisation.

And all with a single login.

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