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Presidio Europe’s CEO on the Newstalk Down to Business Show

Paschal Naylor, CEO of Presidio Europe appeared in the executive chair with Bobby Kerr on the Newstalk Down to Business Show, Saturday 8th of July.


Paschal talks to Bobby about his background including what he does for Presidio, what Presidio do, who some of our large multinational customers are and why we are their trusted IT partner. Paschal discusses how we design, build, source, supply and support IT products for our clients.

Paschal speaks to Bobby about the 13-year relationship we have built with Google and how Presidio is the stop off point for multinationals coming to Ireland from San Francisco. He also mentions his strategic acquisition of Bootstrap last year, bringing networking capabilities to the company. This enables Presidio to offer services spanning from networking solutions to end-user storage, backup and cloud solutions.

Paschal is a well-known, thought leader in the technology sector. He held many senior management positions in a number of Irish technology companies, including EDS Ireland where he was a director and Memorex Telex where he was finance manager. He is a certified accountant (FCCA) and a graduate member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MMII).

Presidio currently employs over 80 people and is headquartered in Dublin with an international office in London.