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Presidio is shining a light on homelessness with Focus Ireland

On Friday 13th October, Presidio’s CEO, Paschal Naylor will be leaving the comfort of his home for one night to sleep-out on the grounds of Christ Church Cathedral to “Shine a Light” on homelessness in Ireland. Whilst you are tucked up in bed, Paschal will be sleeping on cardboard battling Ireland’s bitterly cold winter weather with just a sleeping bag and a cup
of soup.

Today there are over 7,500 people homeless in Ireland and of those 7,500 people – 1 in 3 is a child! Presidio supports ‘Shine a Light Night’ to help Focus Ireland provide vital prevention services and change people’s lives.

Focus Ireland believe that homelessness can be ended and work to break the cycle of homelessness by giving people access to information, housing, childcare and a range of education services throughout Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick, Sligo, Waterford, Clare and Wexford.

You can help to end and prevent homelessness in Ireland today by sponsoring Paschal to take part in the sleep-out, visit his page here.

Every donation is greatly appreciated; together we can help to change the homeless landscape across Ireland and be a part of the difference in people’s lives.