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Location, location, location: why exact tech specs matter in EMEA

The details are crucial when you’re putting together a growth plan—especially for your IT procurement. Discover what you need to consider when expanding your operations from the US to EMEA.

Exact tech specs matter when you’re sourcing IT procurement. Whether it’s simply getting the right kit for the job, or ensuring you standardize peripherals across your organization, understanding detailed IT product specifications is vital—and can save you up to 15% on total cost of ownership (TCO). But when it comes to expanding your operations from the US to EMEA, you’ll need a completely different strategy.  


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For example, many countries in EMEA use different keyboards and even several types of electrical outlet plugs. Whereas in the US, everything is standardized across 50 states—making travel and cross-border operations far less complicated. In our previous blogs, we established that using a specialist IT procurement management vendor who truly understands the markets in EMEA can help remove complexity—so you can focus on growth instead. Here, we’re highlighting the often-overlooked areas of IT procurement you need to consider when establishing cross-border operations in EMEA. 

The best tech can sometimes have a hidden price 

You want your people to have the best tech possible—especially if it means they’re more productive and efficient. But consider for a moment the potential obstacles a misinformed laptop upgrade could create. For example, say you order 500 laptops from a vendor who in six months’ time, changes the type of power cables it uses. Not only will you have a significant number of assets that use old peripherals, but your people will also find it frustrating to have to switch between different types of kit wherever they go. 

In contrast, choosing a vendor that’s just been through a peripheral transition means you’ll likely future-proof your technology assets for the next few years. It’s this level of industry knowledge that you can only really get using an outsourced vendor who truly understands the market well enough to help protect your investments. And it’s not just unexpectedly obsolete technology that can cause complications… 

The right tech specs are critical for cross-border operations 

In EMEA, attention to detail is everything when procuring tech. Overlook a seemingly minor detail like the type of keyboard on a laptop, and you risk rendering your equipment virtually useless in certain territories. If you’re starting operations in Europe and the Middle East, for example, the hardware you need will be different for your Paris office than your base in Dubai—it’s this level of detail in your strategy that can make all the difference. 

What’s more, you need to consider how your people will travel around the territory. In Europe alone, you can be dealing with up to eight different electrical plug typesFor your people on the ground, this can be a nightmare and requires serious planning to ensure you procure the right kit. You need to be certain that your equipment can be used across your entire operation with the least resistance—so your people can focus on the job at hand. With the right specialist support, you’ll have a mix of localized knowledge and broad, established IT procurement management experience to manage all these potential issues. 

Demand “just-in-time” IT procurement 

Like automotive production lines that rarely hold stock for more than a few minutes at a time before being used, you should take the same approach to your IT assets. In EMEA, European HQs are particularly expensive, and with space at a premium, most companies simply can’t afford to store surplus hardware and equipment. That’s why choosing an IT procurement management vendor that takes a just-in-time approach to replenishment is a significant advantage. Even better are those that combine it with automated replenishment schedules—so you can be confident your equipment needs are being monitored and fulfilled. It’s a service we provide to all our clients, which consistently delivers noticeable cost and efficiency savings from the off. 

Expanding from the US to EMEA? Presidio has you covered. 

It’s evident: compared to how you procure IT in the US, EMEA is a fragmented environment that requires a flexible and efficient approach, backed by localized knowledge. At Presidio, we’re specialists in standardization and consolidation—and we know Europe and beyond. We understand that attention to detail can make all the difference. 

Indeed, our comprehensive Brexit planning means that even in the worst-case scenario, our customers with a UK base are safe in the knowledge they’ll still have access to the same equipment and support—vital for maintaining steady operations and growth. So whether it’s laptops and monitors, or software and servers, our standardized approach to economies of scale can make sure you not only hit the ground running in your new operations, but can also help make future growth a cinch. 

Nail your strategy before you make the first move

In business, there are few things worse than being unprepared. Read our blog to discover how to build your IT procurement to scale when expanding into new markets. 

And if you’d like to know more, get in touch with one of our experts—we’d love to discuss your options.