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Arkphire announces its sponsorship of Gregor McGuckin

Arkphire sets its sail to support Irish sailor in ambitious 30,000 mile global challenge

Arkphire has announced its support and sponsorship of Gregor McGuckin, who is about to attempt to become the first Irish person to sail a non-stop, unassisted solo circumnavigation of the world by completing the prestigious Golden Globe 50th Anniversary Race 2018.  Only one person, Robin Knox-Johnston, has ever completed this epic race, covering approximately 30,000 miles, which has only been run once before in 1968. 


Gregor McGuckin (31) is the only Irish sailor and the second youngest of 19 sailors attempting the challenging race, which starts from Les Sables-d’Olonne, France on July 1st, 2018 sailing solo and non-stop around the world, via the three Great Capes and returning to Les Sables-d’Olonne.  The sail is expected to take approximately eight months to complete. Each sailor will be navigating with sextant on paper charts, without electronic instruments or autopilots.  They will hand-write their logs and determine the weather for themselves. All food to be used on the trip has to be carried on board to complete the 30,000 mile long voyage.  

Commenting on Arkphire’s sponsorship, Paschal Naylor, CEO at Arkphire said: “We are delighted to support Gregor in this exciting endeavour, which will require tremendous sailing skills in addition to great qualities of preparation, planning and perseverance.  As an Irish company, we are also very proud to play our part in helping Gregor take on such an impressive challenge to become the first Irish person to sail non-stop around the world by completing this prestigious Golden Globe Race.”

Speaking of his participation in the Golden Globe Race, Gregor McGuckin said: “The excitement is really building.  It will be tough having to cope with almost eight months of solitude and the challenges of the sea in all conditions but I have to acknowledge that none of this would be possible without the excellent support I have been getting from some truly inspirational people such as businessmen and sailors Enda O’Coineen and Ulick McEvaddy and my set of sponsors including Arkphire, who have been incredibly supportive of me from an early stage in this venture. This is a dream come true for me and I hope I can now push on and do everyone proud.”   

In addition to Arkphire, other sponsors include Hanley Energy and educational group CJ Fallon, who will place a map in every classroom in Ireland where students can follow Gregor’s progress. Support is also being provided by the Marine Institute, and throughout his journey, Gregor will be gathering data on the content of microplastic pollution in the oceans he crosses.  Gregor is also being supported by Team Ireland, run by EnCircle Ocean, who are using their collective experience in fundraising and education to help him prepare for the race. 

To follow progress related to the Golden Globe Race, please visit: