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Apple Builds Security, Helping You Focus on Running Your Business

We are constantly being bombarded with the risks that security brings to every organisation. Malware, identity theft, phishing emails and many others are just a portion of digital threats being faced by everyday users on the internet. This paper aims to educate you on Apple’s strong security credentials.

With Apple, all products are inherently secured by design. Apple provides the most secure operating systems for business, whether MacBooks, iPhones & iPads or even the Apple watch. 


Digital Privacy is a growing concern as we exchange all sorts of information across the internet. Account login details and passwords are often leaked on the internet due to malicious tools such as Keyloggers. Based on online statistics, close to 12 billion accounts have been compromised and growing daily. 

Apple devices are secured by design. All Apple products are designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Safari - Intelligent Tracking Prevention & Privacy Report

Safari is Apple's built-in, state-of-the-art web browser with features that protect the user’s privacy from unwanted tracking. Features such as the prevention of cross-site tracking, and greatly minimising the data that could be passed to third parties online. In 2020, Apple began working with Cloudflare to develop Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS (ODoH) technology, immensely strengthening users' privacy. In simple terms, ODoH technology prevents your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from tracking the sites you visit!

Hardware & System Security

Before Apple developed its Silicon chip (M1 & M2) for its line of products, they added the Apple T2 security chip which provided key security features which they are renowned for, such as:

  • Storage encryption
  • Biometric security
  • Secure boot capabilities

With Apple's M1 and M2 processors, the security features of the T2 chip have been built-in. Also, the M2 chip comes with AES encryption which secures and improves the speed of the Solid State Drive’s (SSD) performance!

Encryption & Data Protection

Introducing an extra layer of security with FileVault2, Apple's cutting-edge encryption solution. Since its debut with Mac OS X 10.7 (2011), FileVault 2 has been safeguarding your entire drive with 128-bit encryption. This impenetrable shield ensures that only those with the decryption key or account credentials can access your data, protecting it from unauthorised parties. Despite its profound impact, this remarkable feature often goes unnoticed, highlighting Apple's commitment to seamlessly integrating powerful and unique security features into its products. 

Real-Time Fixes

Apple's unrivalled commitment to delivering flawless software experiences extends to its unparalleled focus on security. In the past, when security flaws surfaced, a comprehensive software update was necessary to address them. Unfortunately, this meant that users had to endure a waiting period, leaving them susceptible until the update became available. 

However, with the advent of iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura, Apple has introduced an extraordinary solution called Rapid Response. This revolutionary feature revolutionises the security landscape, empowering Apple devices to swiftly and frequently resolve security issues. Now, vulnerabilities are effortlessly patched, ensuring a seamless and robust security experience automatically. 

App Security

Apps on Apple devices empower employees and businesses to shape the future of business. In the realm of modern security architecture, apps are regarded as a paramount concern. Recognising this, Apple has employed multiple layers of protection to guarantee stability and preserve system integrity within their App Store.

Apple's unwavering commitment to security is evident in features like Gatekeeper on Mac devices. This robust security measure ensures that apps undergo notarization before they are granted permission to run on any of Apple's esteemed devices. Meanwhile, iOS devices take app security to new heights by implementing strict sandboxing, which provides a secure environment for all apps to operate within authorised boundaries.

In this era of boundless possibilities, our reliance on digital technologies grows exponentially. It is paramount to exercise caution in the online realm, as our digital experiences hinge on the technologies we embrace. Fortunately, with Apple, we find solace in products meticulously crafted for utmost security, fortified by design, shielded for privacy, and empowering to users.

If you're interested in delving deeper into the intricate tapestry of Apple's remarkable security features or seek our assistance in navigating this realm of digital fortitude, please do not hesitate to connect with us. We welcome the opportunity to engage with you and guide you through the extraordinary realm of Apple's unrivalled security ecosystem!

Empower your workforce with Apple. 

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