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Improve your database and improve business performance

Poor database functionality can impact productivity and cost you money. Surveys say that over 90% of database environments operate at reduced capacity. Without properly maintaining databases your applications dependent on them will slow over time and employees will have difficulty completing various tasks. This can be damaging for the entire business model. 

Your employees need immediate access to data so it’s vital to ensure databases are running at maximum capacity, 100% of the time. Carrying out regular checks improves your database thus improving business performance.

Improve your database

Here are some examples of how you can improve your database:

  1. > Delete old data: Your databases grow with your business. And as you grow, more and more data is stored. Ultimately this data will become out of date and unused yet still take up disk space.

  2. > Make it secure: Your database needs to be secure and viruses and malware change daily so make sure your protection is up to date.

  3. > Back it up: Databases should be backed up and tested regularly and protected off-line.

  4. > Manage log files: Managing and reviewing log files often, can alert you to events and help you trace unusual behaviour.

  5. > Rebuild indexes: Over time, index fragmentation can lead to gaps in data pages. This leads to increased disk I/O and latency.

Regular health checks

Regular database health checks will identify problems before they become too serious giving you peace-of-mind. Read our recent blog on Database Health Checks for more information.

Presidio has an experienced team of database experts on hand. Just contact us to learn more. We work with both Oracle and Microsoft SQL and provide guidance on how best to improve your databases to boost your business performance.